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We are your key international partner in developing your fleets of lightweight heavy-duty electric vehicles.

STALKER TACTICAL & DEFENSE®, as well as all the brands of the group of companies owned by GLOBAL WEB MARKET GROUP S.A.S, presents itself as a leader in Innovation and Research & Development of outdoor sports equipment. We have built our market strength on our strong network of manufacturing and design plants in Asia (China, Taiwan and South Korea) since 1986 on more than 14,000m2 of warehouses, employing nearly 1,200 people specializing in their fields. Our international offices are based in Denver, CO (USA) and in France in the heart of the Loire Valley in the historic village of Saint Pierre de Jards to serve our European clients and partners since mid-2020. Our services are available in five languages ​​(French, English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian) and we make sure to maintain a direct approach between the founding leaders of our company and our institutional and independent partners, being eager to maintain a relationship of "Boss to Boss" to grow together and bring you the best of our skills at the service of our citizens.